Water Heaters & Boilers

Water heater and boiler

We'll Get Your Water Heater Working Efficiently

If your water heater is making odd noises, has an odor, or your hot water isn't as hot, then count on U.S. Boiler & Plumbing Co to repair it! 

We provide professional services for water heater issues like low water pressure, unit trust, noises inside your unit, as well as condensation on your unit and soft flooring underneath. 

We'll quickly assess your water heater issue and determine whether a replacement or repair work is needed. We also provide 24/7 assistance for unexpected emergencies.

Professional Boiler Solutions

We serve the Garfield, Pitkin, and Eagle County areas with affordable boiler solutions. Our skilled team is certified for all your boiler needs including zone valves, wiring, glycol, flushes, and much more. 

We also offer repairs and replacement for low-pressure boilers, as well as restoration and repair. When you take advantage of our service agreements, we clean and service your boiler annually at a discounted rate.

We are proud to have our R Stamp Certification by the National Board of Boiler Vessel Inspectors.

Call or email with any questions, we are here for you!
Call us today to get services for your boiler and heat equipment.
Old Boiler(s) – with new Install
Old Furnace(s) – with new Install

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