Water Quality


Water Quality Program

Water Quality is a very big issue here in our valley. Most of the homes are heated with boilers or small on-demand units and these are at risk of manufacture dissolution of warranties due to poor water quality and lack of maintenance. 

Don’t be a victim, many homeowners and businesses in our area have expressed an interest in water treatment systems for their homes and businesses. U.S. Boiler & Plumbing Co features reasonably priced state-of-the-art water treatment systems for the whole house. 

Newly designed resin and media technologies provide protection and treatment that has been previously unavailable in conventional water softeners. Hundreds of systems have been installed across the western slope. Many contractors own these systems and recommend them for their home owners and clients.

Fontus Protector Plus Water Systems

  • Removes hardness up to 100 grains per gallon
  • Reduces iron up to 5.0 parts per million
  • Reduces nitrates to E.P.A. recommended limits
  • Reduces sulfates to E.P.A recommended limits
  • Reduces chlorine in city water to make it tasty again. No more bottled water.
  • Does not add sodium. Reduces existing sodium in incoming supply.
  • Reduces utility costs and use of harsh chemicals needed to clean water related build-up.
  • Removes minerals from hot water tanks, lowering heating bills.
  • Uses 75% less potassium chloride than traditional salt systems. Environmentally safe.
  • Regeneration based on water usage, not time. No wasted water or potassium. Ideal for part-time homeowners or second homes.
  • No “slimy” feeling in the shower or bath.

Protector Plus Treatment System

Our Protector Plus Treatment System uses potassium chloride to regenerate the resins. We don't use salt like conventional water softeners. Treated water is safe for plants and animals. No by-pass is needed to water plants or lawns. Potassium chloride is safe for septic systems and waste water treatment plants.
A water treatment system from U.S. Boiler & Plumbing Co. will protect the investment you have made in your home. Fixtures, hot water tanks, dishwashers, washing machines will all look newer and last longer, which dramatically increases the resale value of your home. You drinking water will be virtually “bottled water” quality. Plus, our systems feature a TEN YEAR WARRANTY (five years on valve) so your investment is protected for years.
Call us if you are interested in additional information about how a water treatment system can enhance the quality of your life in your new home. Our systems are the best water treatment systems available today. We look forward to hearing from you.
Call us to learn more!
Ten year warranty available on our water treatment systems!
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